Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Son Allegedly Thrown Around Colorado Home

The gun-toting firebrand’s home life seems to be rife with conflict.

Valentine Wiggin
3 min readMay 31, 2023

Representative Laura Boebert’s (R-CO) son called 911 in tears saying that his father was “throwing" him around their Colorado home. At this time, he was “crying and breathing heavily". When asked if there were any weapons in the home, the boy confirmed that there were weapons in the home. However, he said that his father was unlikely to use the weapons against him.

It is unclear which of Boebert’s four sons made the call on Dec 11, 2022 at 6:46 pm. No outlets reporting on this topic have identified the caller by name, age, or birth order. What is clear, however, is that this is apparently not the first time that this has happened. The caller went on to say that “He (the father, Jayson Boebert) does this to me (the caller) so much". After that, the caller said that he was going to a second location where he felt safer.

During a follow-up call that happened around 10 minutes later, Lauren Boebert can be heard saying “Get over here. Where are you?”. The son then clarified that his father “didn’t really get physical” with him after a conflict between the two began to escalate. After that, Boebert identified herself as “the mom” and said that, while neither she nor her son needed any help at the moment, that the police were welcome to come to the second location where she and her son were at the time.

The police characterized both Boebert and her son as “cooperative” and said that the son had no visible marks at the time. The father, Jayson Boebert, denied that any physical abuse had occurred and said that the door might have “touched his (the son’s) butt on the way out”. After their visit, the police concluded that no crime had occurred.

Screenshot of a tweet by Lauren Boebert
Screenshot of a tweet from Lauren Boebert by me. Text is here for the blind/visually impaired and/or if the image doesn’t load.

After the son made this call, Lauren Boebert defended her then-husband saying that he did not deserve to have false accusations leveled against him after being thrust into the limelight against his will. In this tweet, she denied that he ran over a mailbox after being accused by neighbors of doing so and that he showed hostility towards a process server delivering divorce papers to their residence. In another instance, she denied that Jayson Boebert exposed his penis to Erica Ann Coombs and Trish Walies in 2004, two young women who were in a bowling alley with the couple at the time.

Lauren Boebert got divorced from Jayson on April 25 due to “irreconcilable differences”. In her divorce statement, she prided herself in her fidelity as a wife and her belief in the institution of marriage. Their relationship itself seems to have been fraught with issues; in her memoir, Boebert wrote that Jayson “needed the alcohol and anger management classes that came with the plea deal” after the 2004 incident.



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