Investigation into Chris Heuertz Allegations Finds No Evidence

That doesn’t mean, however, that the allegations are false.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

An investigation into the allegations against Chris Heuertz made by Daphne Eck (and friends) found “no evidence”. The allegations were found to be “without credibility” and suspicion surrounding these allegations has risen since the thirty-three people who came forward have refused to speak with the investigator, attorney Susan K. Sapp of Cline Williams. Sapp found that there was “crossing of healthy boundaries, but it appears to have been consensual” and that there were no elements of sexual intercourse or quid pro quo.

This Nebraska-based lawyer works in a a wide range of areas from personal injury and wrongful death to business litigation. As of now, no public orders (DOA 10/01/2020) have been issued against Sapp. However, a one-star Google review may provide some clues to the group’s refusal to participate. In this 2019 review, Mallori Koetje wrote that she had reached out to Sapp for a “very sensitive case” and that Sapp was “completely rude and disrespectful”.

A similar review can be found on FindLaw, a well-known lawyer directory. The anonymous reviewer had similar complaints to Koetje saying that Sapp “clearly states that she is too busy to ‘argue” when asked questions about cases and makes her clients feel “stupid” and “terrible” about themselves in sensitive situations. It is entirely possible that Koetje wrote this review as well as the review on Google. However, these reviews offer clues into ways that Sapp may have mishandled this case.

On Twitter, Eck mentioned that the support she received during the investigation counseled her not to speak. Further along in the thread, Eck mentioned that the “energy of the investigation felt bad for many reasons” with one of them being that the investigation was conducted by a lawyer. She found the investigation to be a “futile exercise with deniers” and Tweeted again that Sapp had attempted to silence them in 2012.



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Valentine Wiggin


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