Canadian Journalist and Humanitarian Worker Abducted by IDF

Mansour Shouman’s friends and family have concerns about his safety.

Valentine Wiggin
2 min readJan 28, 2024
A poster that titled “Mansour Shouman Abducted by IDF” that also reads “We have learnt that Mansour Shouman, a father, a son, and humanitarian may have been abducted by IDF, as reported by several eye witness accounts. Mansour is a Palestinian-Canadian and was reportedly taken away while passing through a safe passage between Khan Younis and Rafah on Tuesday January 23rd, 2024. We demand that the Canadian government take immediate action for Mansour’s safety and return to his family.
Source: Bring Mansour Home

Eyewitnesses have recently confirmed that the IDF captured Mansour Shouman, a Palestinian Canadian who was moving through a designated safe passage between Khan Yunis and Rafah. His last upload on TikTok was on January 21st, 2024 in which he distributed gas cylinders to families in Khan Yunis. After not hearing from him for over 72 hours, his family and team have worked tirelessly to get him back to safety.

As a journalist and Canadian citizen, Mansour served as a humanitarian worker in Gaza before his disappearance. In addition to updating netizens on the situation in Gaza, he launched an orphan sponsorship program and worked to distribute bags of flour in Khan Yunis. Many people in Palestine, Canada, and around the world are concerned for his safety, especially considering that he hasn’t given any direct updates in several days.

Currently, there is a petition that demands Mansour’s immediate release on the grounds that detaining civilians, especially citizens of countries that are not directly involved in a conflict, is a war crime. Mansour’s case is not an isolated incident either. The IDF has attacked civilians and aid workers before as well as citizens of other uninvolved countries such as 13-year-old Malik Jaffal, a Palestinian American.

If you know anything about where Mansour was within the past few days, email this information to In the meantime, those who support immediate disclosure of his whereabouts and immediate return to Canada can sign the petition.



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